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Tony Mirabella
Tony Mirabella
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My weekly wrestling column, Shooting From The Hip, over at headlocks2headlines.com

My name is Tony. I live in the Bronx, in NYC. I'm a computer tech at City College of New York, and I love subways. This site has been an ongoing project of mine to help introduce people to the wonderful world of trains. I hope you like it. Contact (no rude or offensive remarks, criticism fine)

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See an old BMT map, and see what the BMT was. (This picture takes about a minute to load.)
Here's some info on me. (Like you care!)

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www.salsamerengue.com JUST TOO DAMN COOL!

This is little informative tidbit about the visually impaired that I wrote.
My Blog. (If you work for the TA, this will piss you off, and I could care less.)
Visit the National Neurofibromatosis Foundation, and support a great cause
If you hate, despise and loath the New York Yankees with a bloody passion like I do, this site is for you. Go Mets!
Here's a funny little program I wrote using VBSCRIPT
Hey. Gotta give these guys a link. After all, I work there!

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And God said: "Lines Aleph Zero to Aleph One - Delete." And the Universe ceased to exist. Then She pondered for several eons, and sighed. "Cancel Program GENESIS," She ordered. It never had existed.

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