This is a picture of the brand new R-143! I rode this train on 12/07/01. I rode it the whole length of the L line from 8th Avenue to Canarsie. The train is almost exactly the same as the R-142A. The traction motors sound exactly the same. The female voice on the announcements is a bit deeper. There are some differences. The R-143's end doors are single doors, like the types found on the R-32s-R-42s. There is also a kind of "ticker" above one window that displays passenger information and tips to stay safe. You can clearly see into the next car, and the disabled seats that fold up are VERY small. As far as I know, this train is equipped to run automatically if the new signaling system is installed on the Canarsie line. The R-143 is 60 feet long, enabling it to run anywhere on the IND or BMT. All in all, a nice, brightly lit interior. The seats are not as good as the Redbird's seats, though. Here is a picture of the R-143's interior. BACK